Time To Get Strong!

Gym Membership


Every Month

  • Our gym membership will allow you to use our facility for Olympic Weightlifting during gym hours.

  • This does not include coaching or programming. If you are interested in programming you can sign up under our programming tab.

  • If your experienced and currently have a Coach/Programming and just need a gym to train this membership is perfect for you.

  • There will be a $25 deposit for Proximity Key Card access.

Youth Membership


Every Month

  • Our Youth Membership is for athletes 15 & Under who have completed our On Ramp Sessions.

  • This Membership is up to 3 days a week

  • Children will work on building a foundation in Olympic Weightlifting that will enhance their technique, speed, explosiveness, and strength that will also carry over into other sports.

  • Each child will receive coaching from one of our National Level coaches with each session.

On Ramp


One Time

  • This class will be 5 sessions long, 1 hour a session and schedualed between the coach and athlete.

  • The class will be for the new athlete looking to get into Olympic Weightlifting.

  • The class will incorporate one movement a day going over Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Front Squat, And Back Squat.

  • You will receive coaching from one of our National Level coaches with each session.