First Meet? Here’s what you should bring!

Updated: Jan 18

• Bring something light to eat but provides enough nutrients such as Oats, Chicken, rice, and vegetables to eat after you weigh in. • Your singlet, shoes and normal training gear of course.

*A reminder plain colored leggings can be worn under singlet (NO LOGOS/DESIGNS) or a tight fitted T shirt.

• A screen shot or copy of your USAW card and ID.

•Hydration such as Gatorade, pedialite, water these are all very good things to bring specially if your cutting weight.

• Pre-workout or energy drinks if you’re used to using before your workouts.

• You should bring protein as this is good to have while you lift to keep the calories and fluids coming in so you don’t tire out or get light headed.

• You should bring candy such as gummie bears or a snickers. These are good to eat while you lift and between your Snatch and Clean & Jerk as there isn’t enough time to get a full meal plus its light enough and supplies what you need to keep your energy up.

• Pants that are easily slidable over your weightlifting shoes as it’s important to stay warm between lifts.

These are suggestions, but we wouldn’t recommend pre-workout or protein if you’re not used to taking them don’t start now.

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