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“The main reason I chose Bryant and his programming is because I've seen the results. Everyone I've seen work with him has seen outstanding results. I've been working with Bryant for two weeks now and have PRd in my snatch and my split jerk. He's not only attentive to any questions or concerns you may have but is always going above and beyond to make sure you fully grasp these techniques. His passion for weightlifting is apparent, and I can't wait to continue my weightlifting journey with him."

“I chose Coach Bryant because of the customized programming and coaching you to not only reach but surpass your goals. He takes into account how I perform in my workouts and how I feel into account to make sure I'm improving as much as I can. In 4 months I increased my snatch and clean and jerk total by 10kg in competition and qualified for my first American Open final. I'm also close to back squatting my old max for 10 reps. I look forward to crushing some old goals and setting higher ones with Coach Bryant and Gryphon Strength Barbell.”

Tina Gizzi

Bryan Jow

“I first began working with Bryant in 2015 when I asked him to train me. At first, he was reluctant cause I was a complete stranger. I was hesitant to ask because I had no idea he'd have to the knowledge to get me to reach my full athletic potential, but we both took a chance on each other. I began training and saw the gains quickly. When I completed my first weightlifting meet, I was only a couple kilos shy of making my first American Open. Shortly after, I began my next program and qualified in my first American Open. The next couple years, we continued to collaborate in tweaking my training to achieve new PRs and qualify for my next event. In 2017, I will be attending my 3rd national competition. It's great to see not only myself growing as an athlete, but see how Bryant has grown as a coach.”

After getting to know Bryant over the last 6 months or so I knew it was the right thing to do. His commitment to his craft and his athletes is levels above most. That commitment and drive made the decision a no brainer and I said, "where do I sign?"
When Coach asked me, "what are you looking for out of this?" My response was quite simple. "I want to be big and strong" though I'm already a large fellow I knew that I needed help honing in on my strengths. Coach Bryant was the guy to help me with that. In just 12 weeks I feel an incredible difference, not only in my lifting numbers, but within myself.

Claire Weche

Kevin Pozo

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