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First Weightlifting Meet? Here’s what you should bring!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

• Consider packing a light meal with sufficient nutrients, such as oats, chicken, rice, and vegetables, to consume after weighing in.

• Don't forget your singlet, shoes, and regular training gear. Remember that you can wear plain-colored leggings (without logos or designs) under your singlet, or opt for a tight-fitting T-shirt.

• Bring a copy or screenshot of your USA Weightlifting card. If you're under 17, carry a State ID, Passport, or Birth Certificate. If you're over 17, a State ID or Passport will suffice.

• Stay hydrated by bringing beverages like Gatorade, Pedialyte, and water, especially if you're cutting weight for the weightlifting meet.

• If you usually consume pre-workout or energy drinks before your workouts, pack those as well.

Protein shakes can help maintain your energy and hydration levels during your lifts, preventing fatigue and lightheadedness.

• Consider bringing candy, like gummy bears or a Snickers bar, to eat between your Snatch and Clean & Jerks. These light snacks provide quick energy when there's no time for a full meal.

• Pack pants that can easily slide over your weightlifting shoes, allowing you to stay warm between lifts.

• Finally, When flying to your competition, ensure that essential items such as weightlifting shoes and singlet are in your carry-on luggage. This precaution ensures that, in the unfortunate event of checked baggage loss, you will still have the necessary equipment to participate in the lifting event as planned.

These are just suggestions, and it's not advisable to start anything new at this point.



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